Wright Distributing, Inc.

Commercial Salt Smoking

Custom smoking sea salts for some of the largest gourmet sea salt distributors since 2005, Wright Distributing, Inc. is the world’s leader for natural wood sea salt smoking. Capable of unsurpassed quality & batch uniformity, our specially designed dynamic smoking machinery far exceeds production quantities & quality of any other natural wood salt smoking equipment used today.

Currently, our standard salt smoking fees include Alder, Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan, Oak & Western Maple flavor woods. Also obtainable is Peach, Orange, Plum, Peat, Apricot and others.

Our sea salt smoking services are only available for those distributors or processors requiring bulk quantities of natural wood smoked salts. Please have your rabbinical administration contact us for your Kosher certification.

Licensed processor - Washington State Dept. of Agriculture

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